Tactile systems can be an effective way to deter skateboarders from loitering around your properties and causing damage to your infrastructure, the tactile system can also be used in wayfinding for visually impaired, delineating walkways and areas that may be dangerous to users. Machined from high-grade quality 316 or 2205 marine grade stainless steel and also in other materials, these fixtures can be installed during construction or retro-fitted when the project is complete. Available in mirror or satin finish.


Attractive Modern Design

Available in stainless steel mirror or satin finish and some products are available in plastic or rubber.

Durable and Weather resistant

Manufactured from 316 or 2205 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Other material finishes available on request.

Easy to Install

Install during construction or retro fit.

Strong Anchor

Anchor design to be installed on all types of surfaces.

Tactile Systems

  • 316 & 2205 Marine Grade Stainless Steel or other material finishes available on request.

  • Anchor design to be installed on a range of surfaces such as Concrete, Timber etc.

  • Anti-Slip application, Visually Impaired application.


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