SOFTERCLOSTM hinges are the first in the market to allow softer closing of doors without the need for traditional door closers. A patented design, these hinges outperform many existing products in the market. Manufactured in SS316L (for pool fences) and SS304 or Powder-coated mild steel. SoftClos can also offer other door hardware products such as door handle sets.


Soft Closing

Eliminate the use of door closers or floor springs.

Reliable and Durable

Machined from the highest quality Steel.

Easy to Install

Fits new and existing doors, simple to adjust.

Dual patented

Designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Competitively priced

Affordable, works with your existing doors.

Minimal Maintenance needed

Once installed, adjust in seconds with an allen key.

SofterClos Door Hinges

  1. Installation of traditional floor springs is difficult and could damage existing floor tiles.
  2. Good quality floor springs generally cost more and are complicated to adjust.
  3. Water often accumulates in the cavities underneath the cover plate of traditional floor springs. This causes rusting and it could become a source of contamination to the surrounding surfaces.
  4. Generally, floor springs are made of cast iron and rust easily.
  1. Ordinary door closers have extensions and connectors that easily come loose over time, therefore becoming noisy and malfunction.
  2. Ordinary door closers often leak oil, hence reduces the lifespan of the item.
  3. Most door closers are externally mounted, unsightly and need regular maintenance.


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