A corrosion resistant product for a broad range of environments, has a long life span and is resistant to chemicals, salt water and will not rust. this product is environmentally friendly and ideal for the marine environments, the mining industries and commercial sites.



Many options for surface textures

Durable and Weather resistant

Manufactured from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Easy to Install

Install during construction or retro fit.

Rust and Weather resistant

Fiberglass Reinforce Plastics products for all applications.

FRP Products

  • Surface features

    • Concave
    • Smooth
    • Diamond top cover
    • Gritted top cover
    • Gritted
    • Mini mesh surface
    • Micro mesh surface
    • Heavy duty

  • Functions

    • Anti-slip floor, stair tread foot bridge
    • Security and safety fence handrail
    • Non-conductive and non-magnetic

  • Industries

    • Marine
    • Mining
    • Railway
    • Wetlands
    • ECO areas
    • Roof and tower
    • Walkways

  • Advantages

    • Anti-fire
    • Anti-corrosion and anti-aging
    • Light but high loaded strength
    • Easy installation and rich colours


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