A rotating roller that cannot be gripped & will prevent intruders from gaining access ideal forcommercial buildings and also has a domestic application for fences and walls, this anti-climbs system is an alternative to barb wire and razor wire and can be colour matched to any site. To blend in with the surroundings while still offering a secure deterrent that doesn’t detract from your site. This lightweight practical and effective security system will not injure intruders.


Effective & Attractive

The roller is available in ex-stock Black or custom Pantone Colour Range with MOQ

Unbreakable & Fire Retardant

Manufactured from 50% recycled polycarbonate.

Easy to Install

Options for Fixing Brackets custom design for different applications.

Climb deterrent & Safe

Rotating roller prevent grip stoping intrudes climbing over the barrier.

Prevent intruder litigation

Decreased chance of impalement or serious injury.

Minimal Maintenance

Once installed, no maintenance required as there are no moving parts.

Roller Guard Applications

A recycled product with UV treatment. The standard colour is black/grey, but we can match any colour in Pantone Range. Minimum order amount for colours.

  • Flat Roof Buildings

  • Schools & Children’s Centres

  • Shopping & Retail Premises

  • Prisons & Young Offenders Institutions

  • Rail Overpasses & Bridges

  • Community Centres & Youth Clubs

  • Hospitals & Mental Care Facilities

  • Public Parks & Walled Gardens


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