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Simple – Effective – Safe

Benchmark Infrastructure Solutions are Perth’s leaders in finding innovating solutions for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

FRP Products

A corrosion resistant product for a broad range of environment, has a long life span and is resistant to chemicals, salt water and will not rust. this product is environmentally friendly and ideal for the marine environment, the mining industries and commercial site.

  • Walkway System
  • Stairs and Handrails
  • Wetland & Boardwalks
  • Jetties / Pontoons / Wharf
  • Mine Site & Commercial Projects
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Roller Guard

Roller Guard is a non-aggressive anti-climb system for use on commercial buildings and also has a domestic application for fences and walls, this anti-climbs system is an alternative to barb wire and razor wire and can be colour matched to any site. To blend in with the surroundings while still offering a secure deterrent that doesn’t detract from your site. This lightweight practical and effective security system will not injure intruders.

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Tactile Systems

Tactile systems can be an effective way to deter skateboarders from loitering around your properties and causing damage to your infrastructure, the tactile system can also be used in wayfinding for visually impaired, delineating walkways and areas that may be dangerous to users. Machined from high-grade quality 316 or 2205 marine grade stainless steel and also in other materials, these fixtures can be installed during construction or retro-fitted when the project is complete. Available in mirror or satin finish.

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Softerclos Door Hinges

SOFTERCLOSTM hinges are the first in the market to allow softer closing of doors without the need for traditional door closers. A patented design, these hinges outperform many existing products in the market. Manufactured in SS316L (for pool fences) and SS304 or Powder-coated mild steel. SoftClos can also offer other door hardware products such as door handle sets.

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